TO2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games: SEEDS Program

Full disclosure – I am currently interning with the Public Affairs and Social Legacy Division of the TO2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games, and my team is directly involved in the organization and facilitation of the SEEDS Program.

SEEDS is brilliant – it’s offering 152 TO2015 jobs to youth who are 18 to 29 and currently unemployed and out of school. Most positions start in April (some in March) and end in August. The pay is minimum wage, but if picked, you will be working with different functioning areas of TO2015 to help deliver the games. You will also be matched with a mentor from a major company such as Coca-Cola, General Motors and others. The mentorship aspect of the program is to help youth gain insight, connections and access through building a professional relationship with an already well-established individual. Cool huh?

The application process isn’t lengthy. Simply go to the City of Toronto website, click PAYE Employment Opportunities on the right hand side, and enter SEEDS in the key word search engine. A list of jobs will appear and you can search through the options to see which ones you would like to apply for. Note that you must create a profile with PAYE in order to apply for any position.

The deadline for applications HAS BEEN EXTENDED to March 26. Any questions and/or further info, contact Toronto Employment & Social Services or PAYE or TO2015 via


FREE 2015 Community Coach Training for Toronto Residents

Starting in January 2015, the City of Toronto, in partnership with the Coaches Association of Ontario and other Provincial Sport Organizations, will offer community level coach training to Toronto residents aged 16 years and older.

The Let’s Get Coaching program will run 100+ courses at community centres across the city, which includes the Fundamental Movement Skills workshop and a variety of sport-specific workshops from the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).

To register, you must have a Client Number and Family Number assigned to you by Parks, Forestry and Recreation. Getting these numbers is easy … go here for instructions.

Space is limited so definitely register early.
To browse the course listings, click here. Note, the courses are listed under:
Coach Training – Fundamental Movement Skills
Coach Training – Sports Specific