“Next Goal Wins” Soccer Documentary Follows “World’s Worst” Team

As posted by CBC Radio 1’s show The Current: “A decade after a devastating defeat that branded them the ‘the worst soccer team in the world,’ filmmakers Steve Jamison and Mike Brett spent months with the American Samoa team as they faced a daunting task–qualifying for last summer’s World Cup”. Their film is titled Next Goal Wins (trailer).

The Current interviewed Thomas Rongen who was the head coach for the American Samoa national men’s soccer team (he is now the head coach for FC Florida) & Steve Jamison one of the directors of the documentary. You can listen to the interview here.

Side-note: the documentary profiles American Samoa player Jayiah Saelua, who is trans-identified. If you are interested in her story, Out Magazine Online did a great profile piece about her in June 2014 “Soccer’s Fa’afafine Superstar” – Saelua is the the first transgender player to compete in a FIFA World Cup qualifying game. Saelua states in the article: “On the field, I didn’t think of myself as man or woman or trans—just a soccer player…I was so proud to be the first transgender to play in a World Cup qualifier. It’s such an opportunity to promote equality in soccer”.


Soccer Pioneer: Harry Manson (Xul-si-malt)

Tomorrow on CBC’s The Current (weekdays at 8:30AM, CBC Radio One Channel FM 99.1), guest host Matt Galloway is doing a segment about Harry Manson (Xul-si-malt), an Aboriginal man on Vancouver Island who helped “pioneer the game of soccer in this country at the turn of the century. Fighting racism to play – and excel – at the game he loved, Harry Manson would later vanish into obscurity. But now, more than a century later, Manson is about to be inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame” (The Current webpage).

As mentioned, Harry Manson (Xul-si-malt) is being inducted into the Canadian National Soccer Hall of Fame as a Pioneer of Soccer. The 2014 awards ceremony is being hosted on November 9. The Fame is housed in Vaughan, Ontario at the Ontario Soccer Centre.

Listen to The Current tomorrow to learn about Manson and his amazing story. If you can’t, you can always access CBC Radio from their website or download any of their podcasts from iTunes.

“Fixing FIFA: Critics Fume Over Corruption Allegations”

The Current on CBC, hosted by Anna Maria Tremonti, did a segment earlier today about corruption allegations at FIFA. Tremonti invited guests Alexandra Wrage and David Larkin to speak about the allegations and illuminate the inner workings of the organization.

The segment was enlightening, especially Wrage’s comments about the rampant sexism within the main FIFA organizing body and how she was advised not to recommend women to positions of power within the organization.

The Current’s brief synopsis of the story is HERE and to listen to the conversation go HERE.

For giggles and some further info about FIFA and the upcoming 2014 Brazil and 2022 Qatar World Cup tournaments watch below.