Lace Up Your Cleats (LUYC) is a community driven company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada that incorporates elements of soccer and futsal in its skill clinics, and provides opportunities to play soccer and futsal in a fun and recreational to semi-competitive environment. LUYC also organizes social events and blogs about sporting news.

Recognizing a need for community-oriented spaces, especially those that prioritize women, transgender, and genderqueer people (some of whom identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or queer), LUYC is helping to fill a gap in soccer and futsal programming in Downtown Toronto by offering a variety of events and opportunities for folks who have typically been on the margins of sports, particularly soccer and futsal. Therefore, our skill clinics, soccer and futsal seasons, and pick-up games will be strictly for women, transgender, and genderqueer people.

LUYC operates from principles of openness, honesty, accessibility (both physical and economical), inclusiveness, and positivity. We strive to create environments that honour these principles, while also recognizing that each person socializes and learns differently; so no pressure to be like us, but we hope that these principles inform what participants can expect from us as well as how participants contribute to our leagues, sessions, and events.


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