Women’s World Cup: Highlights from the Third Round of Matches

The third and last round of the group stage had a few nail-biters: Spain vs Korea Republic, Canada vs Netherlands, Australia vs Sweden. The WWC has given us a little bit of everything in terms of quality and style, however Germany and Japan have – by far – been real standouts. Their respective programs are phenomenal and you can see the results of that on the pitch.

Consistent and substantial funding is truly the primary way to get a nation’s senior women’s team on par with countries who have been at the forefront of the game for decades. Canada’s historically inconsistent showing is about a lack of proper funding and poor leadership on the part of the CSA (Canadian Soccer Association). Right now there is a real push from the CAN WNT team to catch-up with leaders in the sport, although this should have happened a decade ago.

Which is what Ecuador’s WNT coach Vanessa Arauz would like to see in her home country. Arauz is working miracles with her team, a group that had a very slim chance of qualifying for the 2015 WWC not because of a lack in talent, in fact its about poor funding and slim opportunities for girls and women to play in Ecuador. [Read more about Arauz at Vice Sports].

Have you ever wondered how much teams are awarded for participating in the WWC? TSN breaks is down for you: Cash incentive as Canada advances at World Cup. The 2015 WWC winner gets $2 million – the MWC winner, Germany, received $35 million in 2014. Quite the discrepancy huh?

Pictures*** from Ottawa matches played on June 17th are below.
[Match 1: France vs Mexico & Match 2: Korea Republic vs Spain]

IMG_1300 IMG_1301 IMG_1304 IMG_1323 IMG_1343 IMG_1352 IMG_1380 IMG_1390 IMG_1419 IMG_1426 IMG_1467 IMG_1496

***All pictures © Cristina Murano