Women’s World Cup: Highlights from the Second Round of Matches

Here’s where things stand at the end of the second round of group matches: WWC Groups & Standings. As you can see across all groups, teams are quite close in points, which means that the third round of group stage matches will a: be the difference between advancing and getting eliminated & b: provide outstanding soccer from some key countries.

Tonight’s Netherlands vs Canada game, for instance, is a really big deal. The Canadian WNT hasn’t clinched a spot in the Round of 16 – if they lose and China wins their game than Canada drops to 3rd place in Group A. At that point, their fate depends on how all other groups shake down as only 4 out of the 6 3rd place teams advance. Make sense?

On my way back from Ottawa on Thursday night, I listened to this incredible podcast by BBC World Service: The Future of Women’s Football. It chronicles the development of women’s soccer throughout the world, the impact of sexism and underfunding on up and coming players, and the dedication and perseverance of women at the elite level who are continuing to push the boundaries.

Pictures*** from Ottawa matches played on June 11th are below.
[Match 1: Germany vs Norway & Match 2: Thailand vs Cote d’Ivoire]

IMG_1036 IMG_1045 IMG_1106 IMG_1128 IMG_1180 IMG_1210 IMG_1239 IMG_1244 IMG_1252 IMG_1260 IMG_1266 IMG_1289

***All pictures © Cristina Murano