It’s that Time of Year: Playoffs

Last night I was hoping for some spunk, passion and urgency from the Toronto Raptors. Out of 48 minutes, there were 10-12 minutes of good basketball, the rest made me cringe. Something dramatic needs to be done to fix what’s wrong with the Raptors and sports in Toronto in general.

Maple Leaf Sport and Entertainment (MLSE) is at the helm of three major sports franchises in the city, which is by far the leading hub of professional sports in the country. They are responsible for our teams lack of success. They need to provide genuine and good leadership from the top that is matched with long-term vision – this is the only way to find post-season success.

Listening to Dwayne Casey’s comments during the post-Game 2 press conference, I yearned for more honesty. We, the fans, are owed more than diplomacy, we want blunt observations and then action. Basketball fans know that the Raptors are not the best in the league, that we have problems, but what’s got us to this place as a franchise is passion and solid offense. Last night, I just didn’t see it – I saw a defeatism that says that our players don’t believe in themselves, that they’re lost.

Game 3 could be a turning point, but only if the things that work start working and stay that way from beginning to end. Washington is a good team, but we make them look better when we undermine ourselves.