Tom Brady Cannot Stop

Last week, in advance of Super Bowl XLIX, the New York Times published “Tom Brady Cannot Stop”. Written by Mark Leibovich, who typically covers politics, the piece was initially conceived four years ago, but only recently was given the green light by Brady’s long-time agent Donald Yee.

I have often wondered what makes Tom Brady so likeable and successful. Sure he’s good looking, if you like his looks, and yes, he is a talented record-shattering quarter-back in the NFL, as others are and have been. So given that – what makes him such a star? The NY Times piece illuminates my wondering, but also leaves me with more questions, among them: who is Tom Brady? Which Cathal Kelly from the Globe and Mail insightfully wrote about just a few days ago.

I watched Superbowl XLIX last night and thought it was a great match-up with amazing catches and an intense final quarter. But then, with under 30 seconds to go, a fight broke out between the Patriots and Seahawks, and I was reminded of why the NFL has such a negative reputation.

For some Canadians, especially those whose fandom lies with soccer, basketball or hockey – the hype around American football is something we just don’t understand, myself included. However, the athleticism and commitment of some of these athletes, like Brady, is incredible. Super Bowl XLIX was a fun ending to an otherwise awful NFL season.