“Next Goal Wins” Soccer Documentary Follows “World’s Worst” Team

As posted by CBC Radio 1’s show The Current: “A decade after a devastating defeat that branded them the ‘the worst soccer team in the world,’ filmmakers Steve Jamison and Mike Brett spent months with the American Samoa team as they faced a daunting task–qualifying for last summer’s World Cup”. Their film is titled Next Goal Wins (trailer).

The Current interviewed Thomas Rongen who was the head coach for the American Samoa national men’s soccer team (he is now the head coach for FC Florida) & Steve Jamison one of the directors of the documentary. You can listen to the interview here.

Side-note: the documentary profiles American Samoa player Jayiah Saelua, who is trans-identified. If you are interested in her story, Out Magazine Online did a great profile piece about her in June 2014 “Soccer’s Fa’afafine Superstar” – Saelua is the the first transgender player to compete in a FIFA World Cup qualifying game. Saelua states in the article: “On the field, I didn’t think of myself as man or woman or trans—just a soccer player…I was so proud to be the first transgender to play in a World Cup qualifier. It’s such an opportunity to promote equality in soccer”.