Toronto Raptors vs Memphis Grizzlies

Tonight Toronto takes on Memphis at the ACC (its the only time they play each other this season) and the former is #1 in the Eastern Conference and the latter is #1 in the Western Conference so the game will be amazing. I’m attending (sitting in the “cheap seats”) and am very excited.

What’s more, Vince Carter (who was acquired by Memphis for the 2014 – 2015 NBA Season) will be playing. In honour of his presence, Toronto will play a tribute video, which is fitting and timely as he was a one-man hype machine in his day as a Raptor – basically put Toronto on the map and inspired generations of basketball players throughout Canada. The respect is deserved.

Last month, right before the Raptors began their 20th Anniversary Season, the Toronto Star published a fantastic series about the history of the franchise entitled “Two Decades of Turmoil”, which included interviews with all past, as well as the present, General Manager’s of the Raptors. It’s a fascinating read, worth your time.