Soccer Pioneer: Harry Manson (Xul-si-malt)

Tomorrow on CBC’s The Current (weekdays at 8:30AM, CBC Radio One Channel FM 99.1), guest host Matt Galloway is doing a segment about Harry Manson (Xul-si-malt), an Aboriginal man on Vancouver Island who helped “pioneer the game of soccer in this country at the turn of the century. Fighting racism to play – and excel – at the game he loved, Harry Manson would later vanish into obscurity. But now, more than a century later, Manson is about to be inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame” (The Current webpage).

As mentioned, Harry Manson (Xul-si-malt) is being inducted into the Canadian National Soccer Hall of Fame as a Pioneer of Soccer. The 2014 awards ceremony is being hosted on November 9. The Fame is housed in Vaughan, Ontario at the Ontario Soccer Centre.

Listen to The Current tomorrow to learn about Manson and his amazing story. If you can’t, you can always access CBC Radio from their website or download any of their podcasts from iTunes.