Field Filling Up for 2015 Women’s World Cup!

When Canada hosts the 2015 Women’s World Cup there will be 24 teams participating, 8 more than in the 2011 tournament. Right now, 22 spots are taken. Out of these 22, there are a number of competitors that will be new to international audiences: China, Costa Rica, Ivory Coast, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, and Thailand.

The two spots still in contention are: one in South America and one in Europe. After all spots are confirmed there will be a draw to determine groups, which is crucial. The tougher your group, the harder it will be to finish in the top two and move on to the next round.

Here’s more info about the qualification round at the FIFA website and an article from the Globe and Mail. I’m really hoping for Italy to grab that final European tournament spot. Would love to see them in action next year!