Canadian Women’s Hockey League

The Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) is “the premier, professionally run women’s hockey league in the world. The CWHL is a centrally funded league meaning that all participating teams in the CWHL receive equal access to funding and are given the same opportunities to succeed. Every dollar goes towards building a league that is dedicated to raising the profile of women’s hockey while providing a place for the best female hockey players in the world to train and compete. Our players are the brightest and the fastest female hockey players in the world. Our game is based on speed, skill and finesse” (

Founded in 2007, the CWHL currently has 5 teams that are active: Boston Blades, Brampton Thunder, Calgary Inferno, Montreal Stars, and Toronto Furies.

They 2014-2015 inaugural season began last weekend with games from October 2014 to March 2015. Many of the women who participate in international competition, Winter Olympics and IIHF World Championship respectively, also play in the CWHL. Remember the infamous 2014 Women’s Hockey Gold Medal Match? Those players are integral to the CWHL.

Right now, the NHL is getting so much attention you’d hardly think there was an alternative! And yet there is! You know how much a Season’s Pass is for the CWHL? $140, yowsa, that’s cheap. Single tickets are $15, what the f**k?! Puts into perspective the financial differences between leagues huh? Anywho, go see a game or two (schedule), support the league, watch some fantastic hockey, and perhaps buy some of their fancy merchandise.