espnW Coverage is Spot-On: Ray Rice, NFL & Gendered Violence

Canada isn’t known for being a football (ie. gridiron football) fanatic country. We have the CFL (Canadian Football League), which has been operating since 1861! And then there is the NFL (National Football League), which generates upwards of $10 billion in revenue per year.

The recent Ray Rice situation may not have permeated the minds of the Canadian public quite like it has in the USA. Nonetheless, if you are a sports fan, the Rice situation is worth paying attention to because of what it represents and how it has been handled.

Controversial, tragic, and violent news comes out of the NFL somewhat regularly (for a crash-course, go here). Most notably, allegations of sexual assault, domestic violence, abuse of power, and driving under the influence. The NFL has sexism, racism, and misogyny imbedded in its history (and I’m sure many stories of violence never even make it into the public record).

This week, a second video was made public (courtesy of TMZ, a celebrity gossip site) of Ray Rice, a running back for the Baltimore Ravens, assaulting his fiance. If you aren’t familiar with the Ray Rice story and the NFL’s handling of Ray’s actions, you can get up to speed at espnW, which has had smart and on-point coverage about this since the beginning.

espnW also posted a video by Katie Nolan, of Fox Sports 1, in which Nolan addresses the Rice situation with clarity, intellect, and compassion. It’s worth a watch and a forward to others.