England Futsal

England Futsal (EF) is a fantastic example of how futsal can be professionally organized and lead to top-quality player development. At England Futsal, they offer two futsal divisions that span three different regions of England. An annual Futsal Cup, Youth Futsal, and Futsal Coaching and Referee Courses are also programmed through the EF.

To quote EF: “Futsal is the dominant form of small sided football across the world with over 100 countries entering the FIFA Futsal World Cup held in Thailand in 2012. Along with a World Cup for Futsal, there is a UEFA European Futsal Championship for international teams to enter every two years and there is an annual UEFA Futsal Cup which acts as the ‘Champions League’ for Futsal with national domestic club champions entering. The rapid growth and development of Futsal is acknowledged by FIFA who claim that it is the ‘fastest growing indoor sport in the world’.

Canada has yet to fully develop and publicize a comprehensive, national futsal program, but with more public knowledge and excitement for futsal, this will urge the Canadian Soccer Association and provincial associations to invest in futsal as a legitimate and important sport that develops a creative, controlled, and smart brand of play (for futsal and soccer players alike).

If you’re a futsal enthusiast like me, check out englandfutsal.com for inspiration and vision.