ESPN The Magazine 2014 Body Issue: Megan Rapinoe

Check out this article, and the video, featuring Megan Rapinoe as part of ESPN’s 2014 The Body Issue. In the video, Rapinoe talks about coming out and her approach to being a role model for other gay soccer players; below is an excerpt from her interview:

“I’ve had to find different ways to beat people who are bigger and stronger than me. I was always a lot smaller growing up. I still feel that same way today. I’ve always focused on my game mentally as my advantage over other people. I want to get into little spaces and have my movement beat them, or have my touches be smoke and mirrors.

Success in soccer is about how well you can read the game. It’s about the spaces you can get into and what you do with the ball. Some of the best soccer players in the world are really small and not the biggest, strongest athletes. When I was younger, my coaches gave me the freedom to be creative, and that’s how I still play today”.