girlsCAN Football

There’s different ways for individuals to get involved in coaching. Most often it’s the parents of players who volunteer their time to coach a squad, which was my experience as a younger player. But if you are a former or current player, and want to develop (and get paid) to coach, there’s a couple of things you can do:

The Ontario Soccer Association and Toronto Soccer Association both offer training courses that will certify you to coach different age and competition levels (recreational, intermediate, competitive). These courses are meant to teach you the basics and qualify you to coach at higher levels if you choose.

The next thing would be to get in touch with local soccer clubs to see if there are vacancies on staff. Many a time, clubs are looking for coaches (particularly women) to organize and train recreational teams, but they may need people solely for skill development workshops. Sometimes well-established teams are also looking for additional coaching staff who specialize in certain areas, i.e. goalie training, defensive training, conditioning, technical director, and so on.

Beyond that there are things happening out there, outside of your local environment, that may be of interest. girlsCAN Football is an interesting organization in this regard because of the programming it offers, as well as its mandate to get more girls and women involved in soccer, either as players or coaches. Check them out for inspiration.