Soccer and Futsal in Italy: Carolina Morace and Serie A Feminnile

Italians are known for being soccer and futsal enthusiasts, and with a large Diaspora in Argentina, Canada, USA, and Brazil, that enthusiasm is both at home in Italy and international. As a result, the elite programs that Italy offers for girls, boys, women and men end up training versatile and dynamic players.

Some of you may be familiar with Carolina Morace because of her brief stint as Head Coach of the Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team (2009 – 2011). Yet Morace had a lengthy and accomplished professional career in Italy, playing from 1978 – 1997 for the Italian Women’s National Soccer Team where she scored 105 international goals. She was also a professional Coach in Italy prior to her appointment in Canada.

The quality and diversity of training programs and leagues in Italy, and throughout Europe, is what the Canadian Soccer Association aspires to create for current and future players, which is a very good thing, but we have a long way to go…

…just check out Divisione Calcio A 5 as one example of the depth of Italian programming, which organizes Italian futsal leagues at the highest levels. The Serie A Feminnile is where many talented, elite female players are registered to compete. Videos of their games can be viewed here: league games