Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival: Derby Crazy Love & Outside the Ring

The Inside Out: Toronto LGBT Film Festival starts on Thursday, May 22, 2014 and as per usual I am super excited to buy my tickets.

In all my years of attending various film festivals in Toronto, and there are many, many film festivals that happen every year in the city (I won’t name all of them because the list is so exhaustive), it’s rare to see films about sports on festival schedules. Why? I don’t know….

And yet, at Inside Out this year is a screening featuring Derby Crazy Love and Outside the Ring on Sunday, June 1st at 5:15PM. For a full description of each go here: and here:

Outside the Ring, which is about the local Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club and their Shape Your Life Program, is a must see. Derby Crazy Love features commentary about gender, feminism, and punk rock, as well as clips of women’s roller derby, which equals: lots of awesome-ness.

Both films are definitely worth checking out. Tickets for the Inside Out Festival go on sale Thursday, May 8, 2014. To buy tickets online visit: